Whether you want wine-tasting or scuba diving, to go up into the mountains or to relax on the beach, to see amazing caves, or to have therapeutic spa treatment, you will find all this in Crimea .Perhaps you would rather see the Byzantine ruins of Khersoness, or to visit places in Yalta where Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov lived, or the fabulous Livadia Palace near Yalta , home of the last of the Russian Tsars – or just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of warm summer evenings at a gourmet restaurant – Crimea will always have something for you.

Did you know there are several dolmens dated 5000 years B. C – centres of spiritual energy also called “Places of Power” and even “A lake of Youth ” which it is believed regenerates your body and many more secret places in Crimea ?

All members of our team have a great passion for  Crimea – the paradise of the Black Sea.  Our aim is to open up all Crimea’s secrets for you!