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Blog, History» 16 Sep 2014. Comment 2 »

  One of our last days on Crimean peninsular we went to ancient city Chersonesus (Khersones) . It is about 2500 y.o. The colony was established ...

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Blog» 9 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Stalin’s secret nuclear submarine base in Balaklava

One of the most interesting museums we visited in Crimea was a top secret Cold War nuclear submarine underground base located in the Balaklava Bay not ...

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Crimea Today NEWS, History» 16 Jun 2014. Comments Off on “War and Peace” Festival in Sevastopol June 2014

Arts festivals The V Art Festival “War and Peace” dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the liberation of the city Sevastopol from German Nazi  is ...

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