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Crimea Today NEWS, History» 27 Sep 2016. Comments Off on Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex Found in Crimea, Russia.

  World’s Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex Found in Crimea, Russia. A scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world. Most interestingly, ...

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History» 31 May 2015. Comments Off on Yuri Gagarin in Crimea

  Y. Gagarin in Foros, Crimea 1961.   Yuri Gagarin had always been thought of as an ideal man, always with a smile on his face, the symbol of ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 16 Apr 2015. Comments Off on Yalta Liberation Day

Yalta was seized by the Nazi troops on November 8, 1941. During the occupation, the city’s population fell by 26,000 people. A total of 4,000 were gunned ...

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Blog, History» 16 Sep 2014. Comment 2 »

  One of our last days on Crimean peninsular we went to ancient city Chersonesus (Khersones) . It is about 2500 y.o. The colony was established ...

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Blog» 9 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Stalin’s secret nuclear submarine base in Balaklava

One of the most interesting museums we visited in Crimea was a top secret Cold War nuclear submarine underground base located in the Balaklava Bay not ...

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Crimea Today NEWS, History» 16 Jun 2014. Comments Off on “War and Peace” Festival in Sevastopol June 2014

Arts festivals The V Art Festival “War and Peace” dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the liberation of the city Sevastopol from German Nazi  is ...

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