Peter Greenaway in Crimea
Crimea Today NEWS» 2 Dec 2014. Comments Off on Famous British film director Peter Greenaway to visit Crimea spring 2015

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. Acknowledged British film director Peter Greenaway is visiting Russia’s Republic of Crimea in spring 2015 to show his films ...

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young people4
Crimea Today NEWS» 1 Dec 2014. Comments Off on Young Crimean people against energy drinks demonstration

26/11/2014 Simferopol, Crimea Crimean members of the United Russia’s youth wing and other youth organisations passed through the main streets of ...

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Blog, History» 16 Sep 2014. Comment 2 »

  One of our last days on Crimean peninsular we went to ancient city Chersonesus (Khersones) . It is about 2500 y.o. The colony was established ...

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Featured Image -- 745
Blog» 9 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Stalin’s secret nuclear submarine base in Balaklava

One of the most interesting museums we visited in Crimea was a top secret Cold War nuclear submarine underground base located in the Balaklava Bay not ...

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Crimea 2014
Blog» 8 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Russian Navy Day celebration in Sevastopol 2014

The next city we visited in Crimea was Sevastopol. This is very special city in Russian history and we came here for a special reason. The 27th of July ...

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crimea travel guide 2014
Blog» 2 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Best of the World – Shallow Nest castle – Crimea

  As the National Geographic magazine presented the Crimean Peninsula and the “Swallow Nest” castle as one of the best Trips 2013 we couldn’t ...

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crimean mountains
Blog» 1 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Unforgettable trip to Ai-Petri mountain on Day 3 in Crimea 2014

Crimean trip day 3 We were very lucky with the weather that day. Sometimes it is not possible to see anything because of  thick clouds. Also we were ...

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Crimea Livadia palace
Blog» 1 Sep 2014. Comment 1 »

It was another beautiful day in Crimea when we arrived to Lavadia Palace located near Yalta. The palace is a little over 100 years old and was built  as ...

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Livadia palace Crimea
Blog» 1 Sep 2014. Comments Off on Livadia Palace (part 1) – summer residence the last Emperor of Russia

  When we arrived to Livadia near Yalta, we went straight to Romanovs museum in the palace. This post is dedicated to the Russian Royal family murdered ...

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travel crimea
Blog» 27 Aug 2014. Comments Off on Another day in Crimea 2014 – Vorontsov Palace and W. Churchill

Another day in Crimea. We took a bus from Yalta and in 40 min arrived to the beautiful Vorontsov Palace and it’s munificent park. The palace was built ...

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