Crimea Today NEWS, History» 27 Sep 2016. Comments Off on Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex Found in Crimea, Russia.

  World’s Oldest Underground Pyramid Complex Found in Crimea, Russia. A scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world. Most interestingly, ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 3 Jun 2016. Comments Off on Crimea is going to open its trade mission in Germany

Crimea plans to open a trade mission or a tourist information centre in Germany. This was announced by the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 3 May 2016. Comments Off on Italian companies looking to do business in Crimea despite sanctions

  Undaunted by sanctions, investors from Italy have arrived to Crimea in search of 500 hectares of land to create an agro industrial park on the ...

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trip to crimea
Crimea Today NEWS» 25 Jan 2016. Comments Off on Polish journalists in Crimea 2016

Russia’s Crimea is a territory where the rights of each and every nationality are observed, according to Polish journalist Mateus Piskorski. His ...

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yalta 031
Crimea Today NEWS» 29 Oct 2015. Comments Off on Getting around Crimea

  How to get there Crimea’s main transport hub is Simferopol. Here there is a railway station and an airport with two new terminals. The easiest ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 6 Oct 2015. Comments Off on British WWII veterans arrived in Sevastopol October 6, 2015

      Three British veterans of World War II Arctic convoys are due to arrive in the key Crimean port city of Sevastopol on Tuesday despite ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 2 Oct 2015. Comments Off on Russian bridge to Crimea going up at lightning speed

  Mainland Russia is one step closer to a direct link to Crimea. Workers are building temporary bridges that will carry construction machinery and ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 1 Oct 2015. Comments Off on The White Flower charity event in Crimea September 27, 2015

During the first weeks following their arrival and move into Livadia, the Imperial Family was absorbed by the preparations for a charity bazaar to benefit ...

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greeks in sevastopol
Crimea Today NEWS» 23 Sep 2015. Comments Off on Corinth Mayor Alekos Pnevmatikos has visited the Russian city of Sevastopol

  Corinth Mayor Alekos Pnevmatikos visited the Russian city of Sevastopol this week, where he signed a memorandum on bilateral cooperation with Sevastopol ...

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Crimea Today NEWS» 11 Sep 2015. Comments Off on Berlusconi Meets Putin in Crimea During Highest-Profile Visit

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi traveled to Crimea to meet President Vladimir Putin, the highest-profile Western figure to visit the region ...

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