Paragliding in Crimea

24 Nov 2016 | Comments Off on Paragliding in Crimea



The Crimea is a peninsula in the northern part of the Black Sea. On the area of 26 thousands square kilometers it has beautiful mountains and beaches, forests and steppes. Many historical events left here their traces. In the mountains you can find medieval cave towns and on the seashore you can visit magnificent palaces and parks of Russian tsars.

The Crimea offers great possibilities for active holidays. You can go in for trekking, climbing, caving, paragliding, wind- and kitesurfing, yachting etc.

Most of the paragliding sites in the Crimea are situated in its south part where the mountain range stretch along the sea coast. The highest peaks are Roman-Kosh (1545 m), Chatyr-Dag (1527 m), Northern Demerji (1356 m) and Ai-Petri (1232 m). In the Crimea you can find soaring sites for quiet flying and waggas and good thermal sites from where cross country is possible.

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