Polish journalists in Crimea 2016

25 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Polish journalists in Crimea 2016

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Russia’s Crimea is a territory where the rights of each and every nationality are observed, according to Polish journalist Mateus Piskorski.

His remarks came after he visited the Crimean Peninsula as a member of the delegation of Polish journalists earlier this month.

He said that during the visit, he along with his colleagues managed to talk to representatives of Crimea’s Tatar population and other ethnic communities, including the Poles.
“We realized that only now has Crimea become a multinational territory where, I emphasize, the rights of all nationalities, including the Ukrainian minority, are being respected,” Piskorski pointed out.
He expressed regret over the Western media showing a biased approach to covering the latest events in Crimea.


“Unfortunately, Western media paints a picture of conflict between Crimean Tatars and Crimea’s government, as well as of the violation of rights of certain religious and ethnic communities,” he said.

Crimea along with the city of Sevastopol reunited with Russia after a 2014 referendum in which an overwhelming majority voted in favor of reunification. Moscow said at the time that holding the referendum in Crimea was in line with international norms and the UN Charter.

Below is a Polish student speaking in Sevastopol, Crimea in September 2015.

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