Russian bridge to Crimea going up at lightning speed

2 Oct 2015 | Comments Off on Russian bridge to Crimea going up at lightning speed

crimea bridge


Mainland Russia is one step closer to a direct link to Crimea. Workers are building temporary bridges that will carry construction machinery and deliver materials to the Kerch bridge site. Eventually there will be three bridges, one is already working.

The Crimean Peninsula’s only land border is with Ukraine, but currently regular passenger and cargo deliveries are organized by direct flights and ferries from ports in southern Russia.

The 19-kilometer long main bridge is expected to open in December 2018 and will connect Kerch in Crimea to mainland Russia.


crimea bridge


October 1 also saw the beginning of the construction of a four-lane highway to link the new bridge with the Krasnodar region in the south of Russia. It will be 40 km long with five interchanges.

“A new road is designed for 120 km/h traffic. It will have a capacity of 36,000 cars a day,” said Dmitry Gorb who heads the construction.

The second auxiliary bridge across the Kerch Strait and a temporary railway will be built this winter, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, RIA Novosti reports.

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