Taigan and Skazka zoos won’t enter European Association of Zoos

19 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Taigan and Skazka zoos won’t enter European Association of Zoos



Yalta-based Skazka zoo and Belogorsk-based Taigan lion park won’t enter the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), Oleg Zubkov the director said.

“Actually, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria comprising of 300 best and leading zoos was a great reference point for me in the 2000th. But later, I understood that I didn’t need to enter it. I don’t need these European values being out of tune with my policy and the point of view in many matters”, O. Zubkov is sure.

So, the association’s rules prescribe that if European zoos give a male to the Crimea-based [zoos], they will be able throw their weight around its posterity, and also to impose their policy. O. Zubkov gives a case with murdering a giraffe in the Copenhagen Zoo as an example.

“Well, it was not thoroughbre, so what now? Well, don’t let him breed, but where is the good of killing? All this is a barbarity, in my opinion, the mere one. Therefore, these days I don’t aim for the European Association of Zoos any more, I have no aspiration of this kind”, O. Zubkov blogged.

As Krym Media agency reported, the director of the Skazka zoo and Taigan lion park Oleg Zubkov intends to create a bear park in Crimea.


The Skazka Zoo, located in the city of Yalta, has received more than a million visitors since opening in 1995. Established by local businessman Oleg Zubkov, Skazka means ‘Fairy Tale’, and is the realization of a dream to present animals from all over the world for the public, particularly children, to view and learn about. Also referred to as the Yalta Zoo, the park is home to more than 700 creatures, representing over 120 species of birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and fish. Great care is taken to ensure comfortable living conditions for each inhabitant and the success of various breeding programs is an indication of the wellbeing of the animals. Babies born at the zoo include lion cubs, camels, raccoons, baboons, chimpanzees, tigers and macaques.


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