Crimean traditional street food – cheburek

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Crimean Tatar cuisine can be found more or less only in Crimea. Possible exceptions include Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where many of these former nomads were deported after World War II. This is often the cheapest and best food you can find on the peninsula.

Сheburek – the most famous regional dish – has long been popular throughout the countries that make up the former Soviet Union.

A cheburek looks like a large fried dumpling, however, it is translated from the Crimean Tatar language as a “pie with meat” (che – small pie, burek – meat). It is easily recognizable for its crunchy golden brown top.

Cheburek are cooked with yeastless flour and minced lamb or beef mixed with minced onions and peppers. They are fried in fat that is heated up to 200 degrees Celsius. If these ingredients are cooked on a dry frying pan without oil, they are called “yantyki.”

This dish is one of the most popular street foods found on the peninsula: both the Uzbek “samosa” and Kazakh “manti” cannot compete with the crunchy goodness of the cheburek. This snack probably maintains its popularity because it is often cooked right in front of your eyes and served hot right off the stove.

You can find a cheburek everywhere, but the most delicious specimens are sold in the restaurants and cafes of the traditional Crimean town of Bakhchysarai near the Khan’s Palace.
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