American-Israeli electronics musicians to wiz in Sevastopol

14 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on American-Israeli electronics musicians to wiz in Sevastopol

Sevastopol. July 9. IA Krym Media. Infected Mushroom, an American-Israeli band, have expressed a wish to wiz at the Krym Fest Tochka Ru (Crimea Fest Dot Ru) festival together with the BSF’s military orchestra, Krym Media reports.

The festival hosts have already adressed the initiative on the military orchestra’s and electronic music legends’ joint performance to the Government of Sevastopol. The city’s leadership is now considering it.

“Being invited to wiz at a festival, numerous foreign actors gave predictable straight-out refusal. The answers wording varied from “we don’t wiz at the occupied territory” to “we will definitely wiz when Crimea is recognized Russian”, the hosts said.

Nevertheless, Infected Mushroom band agreed to play a two-hour set in Sevastopol at the festival’s opening. It is expected to be visited by some thousands of the show-goers.

As Krym Media agency reported, the international musical festival Krym Fest Tochka Ru is planned to be held on July 20-26 in the village of Orlovka near Sevastopol.

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