Yuri Gagarin in Crimea

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Y. Gagarin in Foros, Crimea 1961.


Yuri Gagarin had always been thought of as an ideal man, always with a smile on his face, the symbol of the country, hero of the nation.

gagarin in crimea

What kind of a person he really was? What was he dreaming about and what did he like?

You are about to see some rare photos of Yuri Gagarin where he appears as an ordinary Soviet man, father and friend, a person who likes various normal activities like fishing and hunting. He loved Crimea as many other Soviet people.

gagarin in crimea 1

Gagarin fishing in Crimea, 1965

Yuri Gagarin’s passion was water skiing. Every Summer he spent in Crimea with his family and friends.

gagarin in yalta




Gagarin in crimea



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