Taigan lions safari park in Crimea

20 May 2015 | Comments Off on Taigan lions safari park in Crimea

Crimea proverka-safari-parka

Taigan safari park was inaugurated in Belogorsk Raion on April 21, 2012. It covers an area of about 32 hectares and houses over 1.5 thousand animals and birds, among which the Europe’s biggest lion collection.

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crimea lions park

A famous scientist and TV presenter Nikolay Drozdov (Николай Дроздов) plans to arrive at Taigan safari park in Belogorsk Raion of Crimea in early June for shooting a program of The World’s Best Zoos series.
“Probably, it is difficult to find a person in Russia unaware of Nikolay Drozdov’s creativity. This person has made a great contribution to promoting fauna, development of love to dumb animals, especially among the coming generation”, Taigan lion park director Oleg Zubkov wrote in the blog.


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