Yalta Liberation Day

16 Apr 2015 | Comments Off on Yalta Liberation Day

Yalta was seized by the Nazi troops on November 8, 1941.

During the occupation, the city’s population fell by 26,000 people. A total of 4,000 were gunned down, 6,000 were taken to Germany, 1,300 men landed up in concentration camps, while other 500 people died of hunger and torture.

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The overall death toll in the Yalta occupation reached 12,000 people.

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On April 16, 1944 Yalta ‪#‎crimea‬ was completely liberated from Nazi Germany. At 20:00 Yalta time, Moscow fired 12 rounds to honor the city’s liberation.

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Today the historic city of Yalta celebrates 70 years since liberation from Nazi troops.

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