Crimean club established in Netherlands

19 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Crimean club established in Netherlands

Moscow, December 18. A Crimean club has been established on the premises of Russia’s trade mission in Amsterdam, the Russian Federation’s trade representative in the Netherlands Alexander Cherevko said on Thursday.

“The idea is to invite Crimean businessmen and entrepreneurs to present their projects to interested Dutch partners,” Cherevko told a TASS correspondent.

“The talk is naturally about such spheres where there are prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation,” the representative said. “These are first of all agriculture, reconstruction of engineering infrastructure and health resorts, construction of social housing.”

“This is an absolutely non-politicized, informal structure, we leave aside questions of politics, Crimea’s belonging, the position of the European Union, sanctions and response measures and will only discuss specific business projects on whose implementation depends improvement of the quality of life of Crimea’s population,” he stressed.

He said the trade mission would like representatives of the Russian community, compatriots living in the Netherlands, “to also take part in the club’s operation, make their reasonable contribution, in particular, by attracting interested Dutch partners for implementation of projects in Crimea and Sevastopol.”

Asked at which stage the creation of the club is, Cherevko said that is “is actually already functioning.”

“We are now getting ready for the visit of a delegation from Yevpatoriya, which will present projects in the road construction, agriculture, reconstruction of local health centers,” he specified.

“And we must say Dutch businesses display interest in implementation of these projects,” the official said. “We use an informal approach and are open to everybody. If representatives of Yalta or Sevastopol want to come – we will organize such meetings for them as well.”



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