Russian Navy Day celebration in Sevastopol 2014

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The next city we visited in Crimea was Sevastopol. This is very special city in Russian history and we came here for a special reason. The 27th of July was The Russian Navy Day celebration in all over Russia and Sevastopol too of cause as it is Russian Black Sea Navy base.

Thousands of locals and tourist came to the Sevastopol Promenade to see the Russian Black Fleet parade.

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Sevastopol 2014


Crimea Sevastopol 2014

Here we bought an appropriate outfit for such special day for Alexei  :)


Crimea 2014

Now he looks like brave Russian Navy :)

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People were climbing all over the places just to have a better view

Crimea Russian Navy

Even a local praying mantis wanted to see the parade :)

Crimea Russian Navy

Crimea Russian fleet

People stood on rooftops to see the ships and performance

trip to Crimea 2014

travel to crimea 2014

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crimea tourism 2014

And so it began…….

Russian Navy 2014

Crimea 2014

Crimean War



Yes, we’ve been there and we saw it! This shooting was VERY powerful and VERY loud! Alexei never ever dreamed to see a real navy ship shooting it’s rockets! He was very excited!

Crimean War

Putin Crimea

Putin Crimea 2014

Putin Crimea 2014

Russian Navy Crimea

Crimea Russian Navy 2014

Some performance on the ground too.

Crimea Putin 2014

Crimean war 2014

annexed crimea 2014

annexed Crimea 2014

annexed Crimea 2014

annexation crimea

Russian amphibious vehicles

russian navy

After the parade ended, we went for a walk along the seafront and bought some snacks and ice cream.”Soviet”ice cream :) Quite popular brand in Russia

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We saw an interesting advert on the way. That is for an extreme sports club called “Spy academy”. Should be fun. Unfortunately Alexei is too young for that….

russian spy


After the Navy parade ended most of spectators remained on the seafront. It was great atmosphere and fantastic day out.

crimea 2014

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crimean tours

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crimean war

Some of the performing weapons from the Parade were taken to a square near the Sevastopol’s Promenade for people to see and kids to climb on.

crimean war

russian navy crimea

It was fun :)

russian navy crimea

russian navy crimea

russian military

crimean war

Everyone was taking pictures and we did it too.

russian navy

This day in Sevastopol was very hot. It was something about +35C. Alexei decided to cool down a bit near the Monument to the Scuttled Ships – the monument was built in 1905 for the 50th anniversary of the First Defence of Sevastopol during Crimean War (1854-1855)

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The Day of the Russian Navy in Sevastopol ended with fireworks on the seafront. People were shouting “Russia! Russia!” The atmosphere was really amazing.

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