Prolonged Wine tasting session or Massandra Palace Day 5 in Crimea

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Day 5 of our trip to Crimea was even better than others as we decided to go to Massandra Palace and taste famous Crimean wine.

We took a bus from Yalta which goes up to the mountain. It’s last stop is Massandra Palace. We spotted a statue of an eagle before the turn on the road to the Massandra palace.


It is a symbol of the Russian royalty.

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Some attractions for taking pictures.


In the late 1870s the house of Count Vorontsov was badly damaged by the storm and he ordered to build a more comfortable building designed by French architect Etienne Bouchard. Vorontsov wanted Massandra Palace as a small palace for family vacation in the hottest time of year. All should contribute to an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. These requirements are fully matched the project of Etienne Bouchard made in the romantic style.



The Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander III gave the order to acquire estates Massandra it is primarily aimed to develop industrial winemaking using Vorontsov vineyards and wine technologies.

Emperor of the Russian Empire Alexander III ordered the reconstruction of Massandra palace to well-known St. Petersburg architect Maximilian Messmacher. Also for consultation was involved a well-known at the time the artist Alexei Bogolyubov.

Effective area of Massandra palace was increased mainly due to the additional number of open galleries, terraces, large stairways, balconies. The biggest adjustment was subjected to the southern facade of the palace: instead of single-tiered tower was built a three-tiered tower supplemented by gilded statue of the double-headed eagle.

After the death of emperor Aleskandr III the new emperor of the Russian Empire Nicholas II was in no hurry to leave the Livadia – he was decided to build a new Livadia Palace there. But in memory of his father Nicholas II ordered to finish the construction of Massandra Palace.

But the Romanov family are not moved into Massandra palace. After acceptance of the palace it was rarely visited by royal family – most of the time prefered to stay in Livadia Palace.

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We bought tickets to the Massandra museum here and went inside.


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Alexei was not very excited to be  dragged to another museum again :)


Massandra’s dining room and Russian Tzar’s porcelain set by Mason.


The last Russian Royal family.


It was rainy day in Yalta so we were very happy to find this cafe near the palace :)

It says Cafe “Wine Tasting”. This is what we needed! So we took a refuge inside.



Just for 20 – 50 Russian rubles per 50 ml glass ( £0,3 – £0,8 or $0,6 – $1,3) you can taste many different types of dessert or dry wine.




After the wine tasting session we felt much better and had another good walk in Massandra palace park :)


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Bought some souvenirs for friends and family.

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Of course we could go to a proper wine testing tour in Massandra Winery  near by, but decided we could do it during our next trip to Crimea.


Passing by some local houses we saw locals sell Massandra wine to tourists even on their doorsteps :)


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Back in Yalta we enjoyed some more Crimean wine and great supper on the beach which called Massandra Beach. I should say – it was one of our best days in Crimea :) Alexei may have a different opinion.

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